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United Artists for Well-Being of Solar System
(... and Universe & Everything Else :)

uni.Sol_project is all-inclusive initiative, a vision of all-encompassing universe welcoming unconditionally all Sounds - regardless of origin, system of thinking and beliefs.

uni.Sol_evolves its parameters constantly

to explore and implement the idea of freedom, to enhance research for extrasensory communication through art practice (and related media) and to create stimulating sensual, spiritual and aesthetic experience.
to create a vision of future world ...

fundamental framework:
engaging simultaneously (=in the same moment) across various time-zones in different locations (=around globe) in ABSTRACT inter-play via sound-media and similar. Strategy of engagement is free for interpretation.

formula: the same time + different space + intention to connect

small print: although all-inclusive project, fundamental premise needs to be accepted: the focus is on ABSTRACT communication. Contribution should stay in abstract zone to amplify “emotional content”. All sounds shared should be free of intentional “meaning”: especially such as words and language (including statements, ideology [=religious or not], poetry, lyrics, existing music and songs). Obviously, inspiration arisen from those and vocal fantasies are welcome! All anomalies will be considered! The creativity unfolds in mysterious ways ...

authorship and credits:
authorship is owned by contributing artists and will be credited according to the wish of each participant (accompanied by visual and textural information as desired and as provided by individual artist). Publications within uni.Sol_site are all free-downloads and serve as documents available for examination of uni.Sol_ research.
All contributions (=sounds) will be used for creating alternative combinations (=mixes) by uni.Sol_ only and not being used in any other way, unless clearly communicated and agreed upon. Sounds will be respected as entities and employed to enhance research of extrasensory communication and joy from aesthetic abstract listening experience.

variations of mixes:
1. "as it is" = unaltered / as it was recorded and mixed together without any modifications of individual tracks (regardless of distortions and some sounds being inevitably drowned) which might show us general energetic and aural outline as the idea of "one sound"; observing overall trend.

2. "subjective mix" = mixing together all contributions in sort of "democratic" way trying that each participants is being heard by altering only volume and balance of each recording, attempting to conserve with respect the original dynamics and architecture of recordings as much is possible.. Obviously, this is not an easy task and some individual sounds are being not heard, especially those of delicate nature. This can be remedied by publishing these individual tracks* which might need closer attention as well as possibility to be re-mixed by another member of uni.Sol_ if desired to create another view**.

* any individual track can be made heard separately here, if author wishes. Let us know, please and contribution will be added in the release as sub-track.

** alternative “subjective mix” can be realized by 1 or more members of uni.Sol_ to highlight the diversity of observations. Multiple perspectives are important and invaluable factors in mutual understanding and connection. Variations will be available via

3. In purpose to highlight the connections and possible encounters another types of mixing might be conceivable, such as: selected layers mixed together in “subjective mix” = grouped by textural or any other association (as some sounds / structures might be drowned in overall mass or similar) as environmental / field recording strategies together or instrumental etc.

4. selection / extraction of specific segments / fragments from mixes / “the best of” to highlight personal / subjective preferences and points of encounter are conceivable too and might be interesting subject of glimpsing each others views.

uni.Sol_ is open to all creative propositions which do respect
fundamental premise and concept of this project:
the same time + different space + intention to connect

however, anomalies will be considered as in example of
Time Travel Section (see details):

by participating in uni.Sol_ event you are becoming member automatically. you can be involved as little or as much you wish.

additionally: any member is entitled to organize uni.Sol_event, provided the guidelines are respected as outlined in template of INVITATION (or different wording in the same meaning):

You are invited for another attempt to create super-sonic-organism, with potential of being the biggest musical band across this planet. Open your mind to an extrasensory exploration, play the music of your heart or simply listen to any sound around_inside you. In order to succeed we need to raise our sensitivity and in that sense we need to understand this experience as an exercise; repetition is paramount.

At the same time, if you believe whether telepathy works or not seems irrelevant: isn't it simply wonderful to know that there are around the globe other people playing music at the same time as you? We are separated by space, however united and connected by time, sound and intention! uni.Sol_project is all-inclusive initiative, a vision of all-encompassing universe welcoming unconditionally all Sounds: regardless of origin, system of thinking and beliefs.

Telepathic:.:tune up:::
Time coordinates (including time-zone)

A music exploration via telepathic channels, unexplored and alternative ways of inter-connecting around the globe, creating a possibility of connection.

How to participate:.:
Make music, generate sounds, dance (either physically or in your mind) or simply listen quietly to your sound environment, with your mind and heart open to the possibility that there might be an opening for extrasensory communication, there might be potential to connect with other open minds and surrounding environment. Simply being available to the energetic field of possible connection, to receive and to emit telepathic signals. It should be effortless. We are closer to each other than you think …

Optionally, you can record your session or any segment (note exact time for synchronization and location, please). We will mix all contributions and listen how it unfolds. Your recorded sequence will be mixed within overall sound-organism and then published as free-download on uni.Sol_page. By sending in recordings you are automatically in agreement with public sharing.

Here you can hear uni.Sol_mixes: MULTIVERSES
from previous gatherings:

Everybody Welcome! ... however participation / contribution should stay in abstract zone only; to amplify the emotional context / content: sounds only, avoid “meaningful” words, please :-)

F r e e S o u n d f o r a l l S o u n d s

see / listen also closely related:
alfa00_telepathic broadcast station: time-traveller's news


released October 20, 2019

Honorable members of uni.Sol_ up-to-date :

Paul Deegan (Ireland)
Piet Schen (Germany)
Shaun Robert (UK)
Ben Presto (Italy)
John Grzinich (Lithuania)
Алексей Агапов (Russia)
David Stalling (Ireland)
Paco Rossique (Gran Canaria)
Stephen Bradley (USA)
Rory Adams (Ireland)
Paul Murnaghan / Wollow (Ireland)
experiMENTALien / Total E.T. (Slovakia)
2nd Harmonic Generation (UK)
Dominique t'Jolle (Belgium)
Pierre Juillard / Astragales (France)
Darius Ciuta (Lithuania)
Sara P (Malta)
Jan Kruml / Instinct Primal (Czechia)
Sayori Izawa (France)
David Nadeau (Canada)
Ludovic Medery (Belgium)
Robin Parmar / 7PR (Ireland)
Diarmuid MacDiarmada (Ireland)
Kecap Tuyul (France)
Slavek Kwi / Artificial Memory Trace (Ireland)
Charlotte Hoechsmann (Germany)
Ida Michael with children (USA)
Finnian Oertel (Ireland)
Rion / Ways of Wonder (Ireland)
Sala / Audrius Simkunas (Lithuania)
Tentatively Convenient (USA)
Matthew Noone (Ireland)
Jesus Garcia Plata (Spain)
Jenn Kirby (Wales)
Daffyd Roberts (UK)
Dallas Simpson (UK)
Grande Ways / Xabi Erkizia (Basque Country)
Guido Hubnder / Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (France)
Alberto Negredo (Spain)
Peneleapaí (Ireland)
陳思伃 Chen Si Yu (Taiwan)
Kung Chieh Fang (Taiwan)
葉宏榮 “Jack” (Taiwan)
Yann Pillas (France)
Aeren (Ireland)
Anna Neuwirthova (Czechia)
Anahi Arias (Argentina)
Veronika Svobodova (Czechia)
Nina Kardec (France)

Thank you for your generous sharing
and for creating positive energetic field together!


all rights reserved



uni.Sol_ County Clare, Ireland

united artists for well-being of solar system (and of everything else) is all inclusive project exploring the potential of extrasensory communication.
"multiverse" titled publications are mixed gatherings of participants from around the globe.
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